5 Factors to Look At When Purchasing a New Home

Purchasing a home is in many cases, the single most expensive purchase a person can make. With such a huge investment, potential buyers should be aware of problematic areas that may exist in a house.


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Real estate laws vary from state to state and often times deficiencies of a property must be listed in the disclosures. However, whether the home is new or was built years ago, buyers should be cautious about some of the hidden dangers that often don’t appear in front of you.

Here are five things to look for:

1. Structure
The structure of a house generally affects all aspects of a home, and is often referred to the most important part of a house. A home that is slopping can often not only affect the overall appearance of a house, but can lead to cracking of walls and plumbing as a home shifts during settlement. Poor structures also can create weak floors that often bow when walked across.

2. Roof
Be aware that a damaged roof can severely damage a home both inside and out. Leaky roofs can often create devastating mold problems that can take years to discover. Take a good look at the roof and see what condition it is in. A poorly installed roof can be just as damaging as an old roof.

3. Air Conditioning/Heating
There is nothing worse that moving into a home and finding out that the air conditioner stopped working. Although AC units can be repaired, finding parts for older units may be difficult and lead to a complete replacement. To avoid this potential problem, have the AC checked out by a reputable company, the expense of a service call may save you lots of money later on.

4. Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
A clogged toilet or sink may seem like a normal part of owning a home, but it also may be a symptom of a much larger problem. Check to see the condition of toilets, sinks and showers. In they are working properly, they won’t leak or have water stains around them. Check to make sure that the water pressure is at or below 80 psi.

5. Workmanship
The quality of the materials in a home will have an overall effect on how long things will last. Paint is one of the things that are considered a normal part of maintaining a home looking nicely. However, repainting a home to cover up its defects can become costly year after year. A well build home using quality materials will maintain its beauty for many years of ownership.


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