MYTH: Winter Isn’t A Good Time to Sell My Home

FACT: Winter may very well be THE BEST time to sell your home… for many reasons!

While sometimes a challenge, there are many reasons why winter is possibly the best time to sell to put your home on the market. We’ve done the research, see – Should I wait until Spring to Sell My Home? Not According to the Data

Here are just a few reasons why now may be the time…

Less Competition
Fewer homes on the market could potentially mean a higher sale price now than in the spring when EVERYONE wants to sell.

Qualified Buyers Only
Serious buyers: Let’s face it, anyone who wants to move in the cold of winter is serious about buying.

Spring Ahead!
January is considered the “Spring” of the real estate market! The average time it takes a real estate professional to market and sell a home is 3-4 months (Source: National Association of Realtors). That being said, putting your home on the market now would mean you will be moving in the spring and get the jump on everyone else waiting until spring to sell!

Another consideration… Interest rates have been slowly creeping up over the last few months. Depending on the purchase price, even a 1% increase in interest over a 30 year loan could mean tens of thousands of dollars more you’ll pay. Historically, when interest rates go up, home prices go down.

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