Tips to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals

ebatesDoes shopping from the comfort of your own home this holiday season appeal to you? Follow this advice to avoid the crowds and long lines and still get the best deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Cyber Monday.

TIP 1: Sign up for eBates before Cyber Monday
eBates is the most popular – and FREE – Cash Back online website with a directory of thousands and thousands of retailers. In addition to offering a percentage of cash back on your purchases that come in the form of quarterly checks directly from eBates, heading through partner retailers through their site will yield exclusive eBates partner sales.


By just going to the eBates homepage you can see the many popular retailers they partner with. Or use their search tool. You’ll be astonished just how much they cover the gamut. There is no other work you need to do. Just begin sign up and begin your shopping trip from They even have a browser add on to tell you when you’re on an eBates partner site, they alert you, tell you to activate, you get the percent back and they automatically scan their database of coupons for you applying those coupons and promo cards to your cart at checkout!  Doesn’t get much easier that eBates!

TIP 2: Network with your favorite retailers
Network with your favorite retailers on social media sites. You will get messages with the best deals on Cyber Monday.

TIP 3: Sign up for e-mails
Sign up to receive e-mails directly from the retailer’s site. Be sure to read each e-mail they send for special savings and shipping offers.

TIP 4: Let the web comparison shop
Let the web comparison shop for you. Visit bargain and sale sites to compare prices on items from one location.

TIP 5: Shop through your bank
Shop through your bank’s website to get a percentage off for using their card.

Quick Tip: Research beforehand which retailers are affiliated with these savings.

TIP 6: Do your homework
Do your homework before Cyber Monday; what seems like a good deal might not be. Know what price retailers are asking for each item on your list and compare your research to the deals on Cyber Monday. If the item is a steal, jump on it. If not, don’t let the rush of Cyber Monday get the best of you.

Happy Holidays from Patrick Parker Realty… and Happy Shopping!