Home Staging 101: Make Sure You’re Staging, Not Decorating!


jersey-decorating-stagingIf you ask the average person what “home staging” is, they’re likely to say something like “decorating a house to make it look good.” The truth is that home staging is absolutely not the same thing as decorating… here’s why.

Decorating one’s home is personal. The décor you create is based on your personality and your taste. Decorating a home is the process of turning a house (the physical building) into a home. And not just any home – your home.

Staging, on the other hand, is the opposite of personal. Staging is about highlighting possibility. It’s about showing a prospective buyer the potential of the home. And it’s about making the home as appealing as possible to anyone, not one specific person. The reason should be obvious – it’s a mistake to stage a home with a particular style because not every prospective buyer will appreciate that style.

The goal of good home staging is to bring out the potential of a home while staying as neutral as possible so that each prospective buyer can imagine the home as they would decorate it.

Specifically, that means:

Choose neutral colors
Bold, distinctive colors won’t appeal to everyone. Keep it neutral and let the buyer imagine the home painted in whatever colors they would like.

Take down family photos and art
You want potential buyers to envision themselves owning the home—and it’s hard to do that with pictures of someone else’s family all over the wall. And anything but the most neutral, “vanilla” art is injecting too much “personality” into the décor.

Get rid of clutter – even if that means putting furniture in storage
When you’re trying to showcase the potential of a home, the last thing you want is clutter everywhere. Give the prospective buyers the space they need to visualize the home as they would decorate it. If that means finding a nearby storage facility, you may want to consider this option.

There’s a world of difference between staging a home and decorating it. If you’d like to learn more, contact one of our experienced Agents for a free consultation.

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