While renting out your Bradley Beach vacation home may be relatively easy in the summer, it takes some off-season marketing strategies to ensure paying guests in the winter months. In addition to supplying extra income, non-peak season occupancy can ward off damage caused by bad weather or non-use–or at least alert you to a maintenance problem needing attention, so it may well be to your advantage to follow these suggestions for attracting winter renters.

1. Update and “winterize” your advertising. Your description should emphasize features which are particularly appealing during colder months. Stress the presence of a hot tub, sauna, or a fireplace, use words that convey a warm, cozy atmosphere, and include photos showing your Bradley Beach vacation home in a beautiful fall or winter setting.

2. Offer off-season deals in terms of price and/or length of stay: Would-be renters will be enticed by a “deal” that offers a lower rental price or a free night. You might also consider reducing the required minimum stay since many off-season renters are looking for a short get-away weekend (which, of course, saves them money). Contact repeat guests to advise them of deals and/or offer them special rates for an upcoming anniversary or birthday.

3. Diversify your potential rental pool by:

a. Allowing pets: You can charge an additional 20$-25$ a day (cheaper than boarding fees) to cover any resulting damage or cleaning costs.

b. Making your home baby/toddler friendly: Store a highchair and pot-a-crib for the occupants’ use and eliminate the need for parents to bring these items with them

c. Appealing to seniors: offer discounted rates for the over 62 set, point out nearby amenities such as a senior center, , museums, medical facilities o a mall. Emphasize features which ease accessibility, such as a ramp, elevator, or one floor layout.

4. Team up with local businesses to provide extra “perks” for your renters. Since local stores and services benefit from vacationers’ spending, some may be willing to offer discounts and/or free coupons which you can include in your package. A win-win situation for all!

5. Stock up on inclement weather provisions: Guest will be appreciative of extra warm bedding, afghans, board games, books and magazines, DVD’s, and even canned soup and marshmallows for roasting. Remember, too, candles, matches, flashlights, and umbrellas. If snow is a possibility, have a shovel, windshield ice scraper, and sand available.

By anticipating the needs of renters, providing extra touches, and making your Bradley Beach vacation home rental package as appealing as possible, your offering will stand out and be extremely attractive to would-be vacationers.