Crush-Worthy Cosmetic Curbside Improvements

It’ll be love at first sight when buyers get a glimpse of your home’s updated exterior (and you may just fall for it all over again, too).

jersey-red-door-paintWhether or not you plan to list your home this season, it’s a good idea to step outside and take a close look at the exterior. Chances are you’ve neglected it during the cold winter months, and it’s time to touch up the paint, update the patio furniture, and give your home a face lift.  Get maximum improvement for minimum cash with these 5 tips for transforming your home’s exterior:

1. Paint the front door
The front door is a direct representation of your home’s interior style. It gives you the opportunity to show off your flair for design without breaking your budget.

The color you choose to paint your front door can also make or break your home’s overall exterior appearance. Go bold with yellow, turquoise, or even bright red to make a statement and show off your creative personal style.

If you’re looking to add sophistication to your exterior palette, opt for a clean white, gray, or black for a chic appearance.

2. Swap out the porch furniture
Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to dust off the furniture on your front porch or patio — or maybe update your look entirely. This year’s patio furniture trends feature modern chair and table silhouettes, a citrus color palette, and plenty of greenery.

jersey-patio-furnitureIf you’re deciding on a modern scheme for your porch or patio furniture, look to chairs and ottomans outfitted in contemporary materials like vinyl. This look is perfect for a home that is either transitional or contemporary style because the blocky yet streamlined furniture reflects the house’s unique exterior.

And this year’s color trend; Citrus. Citrus color palettes provide a punch to exteriors that need an extra oomph. Use lime green and bright orange to accent your home’s patio via hurricanes, cushions, and throw blankets. Add greenery throughout the space using pots, trellises, garden boxes, and hanging planters.

Budget conscious outlets for outdoor furniture include and

3. Update your fencing
While fences are often meant to add privacy and security, the type of fencing and colors you select also offer a glimpse into your style. While backyards require extra security for kids and pets, front yard fences can be a little lower to show off your manicured lawn and updated porch accessories.

Lower fences also make your front yard look larger and more open — perfect for home buyers who value a generous outdoor setting.

jersey-garage-doors4. Revamp your garage door
If your garage is visible from the street, consider revamping it to instantly add curb appeal. You’d be surprised how often we hear what an impact an updated garage can have. Of all of these revamps this may have the biggest return on your investment. Sometimes it’s as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint makes a great weekend DIY project that delivers big results.

If you’re looking to install a brand new door, however, consider hiring a professional, and choose your new door carefully.

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While wood offers an array of design options, it is quite expensive. Steel is a better price point, but it’s prone to rusting, particularly in humid areas. Make sure to talk over design options and issues such as permitting with your garage door installer.

jersey-curb-appeal5. Add accessories
Finish off your exterior’s update with a few simple accessories to take your curb appeal over the top. Adding new house numbers in a trendy material like chrome or rubbed bronze adds extra polish, while shutters help a traditionally styled home shine.

Another must-have accessory? Outdoor lighting. From sconces to accent lighting, you have many options to choose from when selecting the perfect way to light up your outdoor space.

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This might be another area where you want to consult a professional before moving forward. Outdoor lighting has the ability to highlight your great landscaping and newly painted door, or cast unsightly shadows that spook potential buyers.

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