8 Important Steps for Your Final Walk Through

final-walk-throughIt’s typical for home buyers to be excited by idea of closing on their newly purchased home. This can lead to some missing some important things to look for during the final walk through of the home.

The final walk through of the home is an important step in the home buying process. An example is at the final walk through, home buyers will confirm that all repairs to the home were met as requested through the real estate transaction and the home inspection was completed.

Typically the final walk through are completed in the morning of the closing date. However, taking a last-minute approach is not ideal for each situation. If you requested a number of repairs, conducting the final walk through the before the closing date may be a better option. Having the final walk through a day earlier will allow the seller some time to rectify any issues.

Using a checklist to help guide you through your final home walk through is the ideal way to approach things. Let’s face it new and experienced buyers can more often get too excited when they walk through their new home that they overlook any issues that may be a big burden on them.

The following are 8 Important Steps for Your Final Walk Through:

1. Repairs Complete
If you had previously requested that the seller completed any repairs to the property, make sure you confirm that each item was repaired properly.  Bringing the home inspection report will also assist with this matter.

2. Contracted Inclusions
Ensure that all items that you are expecting to takeover such as window treatments or other items that the seller wrote into the sale of the home are left behind. Bringing the original contract to assist with this is a good idea.

3. Original Fixtures and Accents
A spin off from the previous step is ensuring that any fixtures, such as lighting, shower heads and faucets are the ones that were in place while you originally looked through the home. Some home sellers can be sneaky and try to replace them with cheaper brands. If your home inspector took pictures during the home inspections, these may help with this.

4. Leftover Belongings
If you find any of the buyers belongings left behind you may notify your lawyer. They can contact the seller to arrange that these items be removed as soon as possible.

5. Appliances
Attempt to use all items in the home that were expected to be in working order, such as the dishwasher, washer, dryer, refrigerator etc… If any of these items are not working you may be entitled to have them repaired. You will need to speak with your real estate lawyer if issues arise.

6. Plumbing
Validate that all of the homes plumbing is working. While you run water, check under the counters to make that there are no leaks. If you find that there are leaks, you may request that these issues are repaired before the closing date. Otherwise, you may request sufficient funds to repair the problems yourself.

7. Ceilings
Watch for water stains on ceilings within each room. If there are any stains on the ceilings, chances are there is a leak coming from some piping hidden within the ceiling or worst the roof. Water damage can be very expensive so this is an important item to keep in mind during your closing walk through

8. Electricity
Check the electricity by turning on all the lights and fans and opening and closing the garage door. Again, arrange for repairs if necessary by content your real estate agent or real estate lawyer.

Now that you have completed your closing walk through, present your findings to either your real estate agent of real estate lawyer. They will be your source to corrective action on the repairs, whereby the seller repairs the issues before the closing date or provided sufficient funds for you to organize the repairs post-closing.