New Jersey’s Top Performing Public High Schools
By Frederick Kaimann/The Star-Ledger

New-Jersey-School-RankingsAs you prepare your move to or within the Jersey Shore area a very important consideration for many is the quality of the school district.  Well now you will find New Jersey’s public high school’s use a new, proprietary rating formula this year. Instead of judging schools based on a snapshot of a single year’s test scores, High School achievement scores now compare results during a four-year period, looking for trends in Student achievement.

The ratings cull data from the New Jersey Department of Education, which reported the High School Proficiency Assessment results for language arts and math tests among the general student population. Then SAT scores for each school were added and weighted. The results separate the best schools from the worst using the same four letter grades your children see scrawled across their assignments — A, B, C and D.

Top schools earned A’s, and below average schools in need of improvement earned D’s.

In an Interactive New Jersey High School Achievement Score Chart offered by The Star Ledger, median home prices, drawn from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey, are also listed, which tabulates values along school district lines.

As Patrick Parker Realty knows how important this information is to many of you when choosing a home, we want to bring your attention to the results of this Star Ledger study.

Visit The Star Ledger Interactive New Jersey High School Achievement Score Chart