The 10 Step Homebuyer’s Checklist

The home buying process can be bewildering and stressful. We get it. And we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our homebuyer’s checklist breaks down the process and points you the tips and tools you need to find your next place:

1. Check your credit report.
You don’t want your credit score to hold you back once you’ve found your dream home, so make sure it’s in good standing ahead of time.

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2. Figure out how much you would like to spend.
Think through your family’s priorities, your investment strategy, and your monthly finances to settle on a price range. Check out Trulia’s affordability calculator for help crunching the numbers.

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3. Find a mortgage lender and get pre-approved for a loan.
Most buyer’s agents and sellers will take you more seriously if you have a pre-approval letter in hand. For instant, real-time mortgage quotes, try Trulia’s mortgage center.

4. Identify your target neighborhood(s).
You don’t just marry the house, you marry the whole neighborhood, so make sure it’s a good fit for your family’s lifestyle. For local insights about schools, crime, commute, and more, check out Trulia Local.

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5. Make a wish list with must-haves and nice-to-haves.
Browse listings by creating filters to get a feel for what’s available in your area in your price range. Make sure you know what you’re willing to compromise on, what you’re not, and where you and your spouse might disagree.

6. Find a buyer’s agent.
Now that you know what you want, and how much you’d like to spend, you’re ready to find an agent. You can contact us and speak to one of our Buyer’s Agents and you can also check out our reviews from other clients on the Patrick Parker Realty Facebook Page.

7. Search for new properties and open houses.
Now is the time to pound the pavement (and the web) to find the house that will be your next home. Don’t forget to create alerts to get new homes sent to you as soon as they hit the market, and “save” homes you’d like to track.

You Can Create An Account and Set Alerts on the Patrick Parker Realty Website.

8. Make an offer.
Work with your agent to research the selling prices for homes comparable to the one you’d like to buy. Once you’ve determined a price you’re comfortable with, your agent will deliver the offer to the seller’s agent. After that, sit tight while the seller decides to accept, reject, or counter your offer.

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9. Get an inspection.
If your offer gets accepted, you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re buying: an inspection will help you understand the overall condition of the home and reveal any significant repair work needed. After your inspection, you’ll have a chance to go back to the seller and make any adjustments or credits necessary for deal-breaking work.

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10. Move in.
Congratulations! You did it. Here are a few more tips to help you make a smooth move.