The 5 Spring Cleaning Trends that Go Way Beyond Clean

spring-cleaning-tipsAs daunting as the task sounds, spring cleaning can be a great boost to your mental health. Here are five ways to implement a whole-home system that has the power to change the way you feel about your home for the better.

If you’re among the 68% of adults, as reported by OnePoll, who feel daunted and uninspired about the prospect of spring cleaning, you may want to consider the positive mental aspects of meeting the task head-on.

Psychology Today reports on the negative impact clutter can have on our mind and bodies, and the long-term health benefits that can result from a thorough spring cleaning. Experts say the key to success is to go beyond clean to a decluttered and refreshed space. Here are five ways to implement a whole-home system that has the power to change the way you feel about your home for the better.

1. Remove It
It’s one thing to give your house a thorough clean, but it’s another to have a critical look at what you own, and get rid of the excess for a fresh start. To truly get the full mental benefit out of your spring cleaning, try categorizing your belongings using three piles: what you use, what you can sell, and what you can give away.

Books, furniture, and home goods can be great items to make a little money from and there are plenty of ways to sell your things beyond the garage sale method. Amazon, Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, and Half.com are all great avenues to post your belongings for a quick sale. Textiles and footwear make great donations to help those in need.

2. Clean It
Once you’ve decluttered, you can then focus on giving your home the scrub-down it deserves by focusing on the details that get missed in your everyday cleaning regimen. From cleaning window-screens to scrubbing baseboards or cleaning carpets, a good cleaning will improve your mood and the look and feel of your home in no time. Just remember to make a list and go room-by-room if it all seems too overwhelming.

3. Paint It
If you’re considering new paint colors for your home, spring is the perfect time to change the look of your space and capitalize on any spring paint sales at your local hardware store. In many areas of the country, the weather will allow for open windows, which can reduce fumes and help speed the drying process between coats.


Some of the hot new colors for 2016 include:

  • White. Yes white!
    All white rooms feels fresh. In fact, Benjamin Moore even named Simply White, a clean, crisp, multipurpose shade, it’s color of the year for 2016.
  • Pastels
    Soft pastel colors are naturally soothing; they’re the perfect antidote to the busy world around us. Two pastels that you’ll see a lot this year are shades of pale rose and dusty pinks as well as airy blues. The two work well together as well as a wide range of other colors. Other pastels you’ll be seeing are lilac and soft, milky blues.
  • Neutrals with a Modern Edge
    Neutral rooms feel classic, yet modern at the same time. Think beyond all whites, creams, or grays and introduce soft colors, like the pastels mentioned above.
  • Graphic Grays
    Gray is a classic when it comes to home decor, but most shades we’ve seen have been on the pale side. This year, think about introducing darker grays, like charcoal. Dark gray walls would make a statement in any room. Pair them with lighter furniture and colorful accessories for a room that truly has character.

4. Organize It
Though it can be tempting to go straight to the organizing phase of spring cleaning for instant gratification, leaving it until after you declutter can save you from purchasing more storage for items you don’t need or use. Once your home is free of clutter, you can focus on meaningful storage for your items.

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Remember that storage doesn’t have to be restricted to plastic totes. Baskets, boxes, and colorful bins can hold a variety of items while increasing the style factor of your home.

5. Decorate It
Time for the finishing touches with decor items that can mimic the colors of spring and bring the outside in. Throw pillows and curtains are an easy way to add a pop of color without overwhelming a space. If textiles aren’t your thing, small accessories grouped in threes can easily add seasonal flair to coffee tables, bookshelves, and mantles. Finally, colorful florals — whether real or artificial — can make a huge impact when placed in unusual containers like antique teapots, tin buckets, or even mason jars.

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Whatever your style, going beyond the typical clean to simplify your space will not only make a beautiful space but will positively impact every aspect of your life, from activity level to stress to sleeping patterns and creativity. So break out the gloves and start planning!


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