What are some safety tips for apartment hunting?

Everyone wants to live in a safe and secure environment, and apartment tenants are no exception. In fact, living in close proximity with others can sometimes increase those concerns.

It pays to keep these things in mind when you are looking, so make sure you consider the following safety tips for apartment hunting:

  • A Secure Mail System
    Many apartments have lock-and-key mailboxes so that the only people who have access are the mail carrier and the tenant. Check to make sure any potential rental has this feature or something equally secure.
  • Safety Devices
    Check for fire extinguishers in hallways and good locks on doors and windows. Ask about fire alarms, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Exterior Safety
    Is there a gate? Is the parking area lighted? Are there motion detector lights outside? Does the landlord keep bushes and trees trimmed so that there is good visibility near exits and entrances?
  • Entrance Security
    What is the system for letting people in? Buzzer? Intercom? Key only?
  • Multi-Floor Dwelling
    Do the stairways feel safe? If there are elevators, are they maintained regularly?

Take a good look at the inside and outside of the building and make sure you are comfortable with the level of security and safety before you make your choice. It is an important feature.

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