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Tips to Save for a Down Payment

Tips to Save for a Down Payment

Are you thinking about buying a new home? Gone are the days of 100% financing with zero
down payment. So if you are not sitting on a pile of cash, the idea of finding the money to pay
the down payment might feel daunting. But there are simple ways to raise the cash needed to
get into a new home.

  • Assess Your Current Assets – The first step is to determine what cash you might have
    available right now. Do you have a savings account or perhaps a 401k*? Are you nursing
    a pet project, like a vintage car or motorcycle, which could be sold for additional cash?
  • Explore Loan Options – Not all home loans require the typical 20% down payment. FHA
    and VA loans are available for qualified buyers which allow a very low/no down
  • Ask For Help – Some loans allow you to use gift funds from relatives for the down
    payment. There are also local and state programs which offer down payment assistance
    and second loans.
  • Employment Incentives – Some cities and counties offer help with buying a home for
    teachers and first responders. If you fall into one of these categories, speak with your
    lender about options for down payment assistance.

Buying a new home is a great way to add to your financial security. Building equity with a
property is one way to build wealth while providing for you and your family. Finding the down
payment might be easier than you think. If you are ready to explore homeownership, meet
with a lender and discuss your unique situation.



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