How Can I Make My House Stand Out When Selling?

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy potential sellers are hesitant to list their homes.  However, data linked to past natural disasters prove that after an initial lull after a disaster housing markets bounce back even bigger than before.

While it is still very much a buyers’ market, we are approaching the height of the buying season which begins in March.  People are selling and buyers are most definitely still buying.

So, when making your house stand-out when selling, the traditional methods still hold true:

  1. monmouth_county_real_estateMarketing
  2. Price
  3. Curb Appeal



Marketing largely comes down to picking a Realtor who knows how to promote, knows how to negotiate and knows the local real estate market.  You need to pick a Realtor who is aggressive and will go out and find a buyer for your home rather than simply hoping a buyer finds your home.

Finding the right Realtor is the first step, examining their plans for your listing and your custom marketing plan is the second.

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Regardless of the storm and its effects, this market is still being driven by price.

It is still a buyer’s market.

Although, one thing to note is that we are very low on inventory right now. We are actually seeing multiple offers on some properties because of the lack of inventory. So Sellers who are considering coming onto the market should do so. And this is a good time to do it because there are active Buyers looking, even this time of year. As Agents, we consider March the beginning of the Spring Market, and that’s just 3 weeks away!

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Curb Appeal

The reason someone wants to see your home is because they like the look of it from the outside.  You don’t want them to be disappointed when they pull up in the driveway!  Fix up the landscaping, keep the grass cut, make sure the entire front porch area is clean, paint your front door if you need to.

Unfortunately, post-Sandy, Curb Appeal is a much bigger challenge in some areas.  If you are planning to sell and you are not planning to reduce your price to sell as is, then put in the work to make your home look pristine from the outside.  Do your best to remove any debris and garbage from neighboring homes.

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Expect a new “Feature” in listing details

High-elevation property and “lifted houses” will become a hot commodity

Next to pitches like “Granite Kitchen, hardwood throughout, panoramic water views” expect to see “elevation 80 and above!”


Long Beach Island escaped major Sandy storm damage because of its high ground compared with other barrier islands.

Some sellers on Long Beach Island are already increasing their asking prices. At one LBI Brokerage, owners of at least five of 30 current listings discussed upward revisions, including the owner of an eight-bedroom estate known as the White House, who proposed raising his price by $5 million to $19,999,000.

This, in essence, returns to proper Marketing.  You can trust the experts at Patrick Parker Realty to position your house in a way that will properly match buyers to sellers.


Advice to Sellers

  • Get your home on the market and heed agents’ advice regarding pricing.
  • Right pricing works to your benefit by resulting in a premium selling price in the shortest time period.
  • Pricing right means that more qualified buyers are viewing your property, you will save money by not chasing the market down and you will avoid the stigma of being a ‘stale’ listing.
  • Depending on your property, take care of maintenance issues before putting the For Sale sign up.In most cases, do not do major renovations unless your agent has specifically recommended to do so. It may not pay off in the long run.