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Patrick Parker Realty Rolls Out An Innovative Inbound Marketing Campaign For Agents and Launches An All New Website for Consumers

Patrick Parker Realty invests in a bold new Marketing Strategy unlike competing firms. In partnership with PHANTOM POWER Marketing, the brokerage has implemented an Inbound Marketing Campaign designed to attract pre-qualified buyers and sellers.

Patrick Parker Realty, a boutique real estate brokerage located in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, announced today that more of their advertising and marketing budget will shift toward inbound strategies versus more traditional methods. Central to the strategy, Patrick Parker Realty launched an all new website,, with the goal of becoming an information hub for real estate consumers via its blog, white papers and resource rooms.

“With over 90% of homebuyers beginning their search online and the majority of U.S. consumers using multiple devices to access the Internet, it was imperative that a sophisticated online initiative continue to be a major part of our marketing strategy,” says Patrick Parker, Broker/Owner of Patrick Parker Realty.

“But with so many places and ways for consumers to get their content, we needed a new way to be sure we were reaching potential clients. So, instead of buying and begging attention, we sought to earn it with Inbound Marketing,” continues Parker.

When it comes to the real estate industry, most consumers aren’t inclined to be sold something they don’t already want by people they don’t already know; and, even if they’re willing to listen, there’s a good chance they aren’t ready to make that next move. This is the challenge often faced by Agent’s using traditional outbound tactics such as print advertising, email marketing, mailers, cold calling or even radio and television advertising.

Inbound marketing is a fresh take on lead capture that uses modern media and communication tools to make the process of attracting clients simpler and more efficient. It is not about eliminating outbound practices completely, it is about using the most effective outbound communication methods to promote content that resonates with real estate consumers.

“The foundation for Inbound is a strong Content Marketing strategy,” says Jennifer Pricci, Chief Marketing Consultant at PHANTOM POWER Marketing, Patrick Parker Realty’s agency of record.

“It starts with understanding the real estate consumer and the problems they have that Patrick Parker Realty can help solve. It’s about more than just listings, it’s about being of service, no one wants to be sold.

“In the past year, Patrick Parker Realty has increased publishing of blog articles by 300%, created online Buyer and Seller Resource Rooms and published 6 White Papers, one of which, “Surviving Sandy,” ranked among the top 100 presentations for 2013 on Slideshare,” continues Pricci.

“Next, we examine how real estate consumers use the Internet. We promote relevant, trustworthy, timely content via social media and proper outbound methods, attracting buyers and sellers to the Patrick Parker Realty website where they can find what they’re looking for all while being quickly and seamlessly guided to contact features embedded in the site,” explains Pricci.

The result of these efforts for Patrick Parker Realty include increased web traffic and visibility, better Google Search rankings, higher clickthrough rates, lower customer acquisition costs, reputation enhancement and, ultimately, greater return on marketing investment.

“With Inbound Marketing we no longer need to invest so much time sifting through cold leads. Now our leads are qualified, they are familiar with what we have to offer and, through engaging with our online content, have come to trust us as experts in our field,” says Parker whose firm ranked number 1 in market for the second year in a row.*

Patrick Parker Realty Sellers benefit as well. With a more qualified audience browsing the firm’s website, seller properties receive serious inquiries from buyers. They are committed in their search and are already online at a location offering comprehensive area listings, school information, sort and filter data features, mapping tools, community information, listing alerts and real estate market data.

“In the years ahead we will continue to leverage emerging technology to deliver relevant content to real estate consumers,” says Parker.

“We are already busy developing Apps that encourage user immersion by blending sophisticated digital technologies with search tools developed for the way consumers really think about real estate,” continues Parker.

With a rapidly evolving media landscape and ever-changing consumer technology, Patrick Parker Realty is poised for success.


About Patrick Parker Realty

Patrick Parker Realty, an independent boutique brokerage located in the heart of Bradley Beach is your local market leader. We understand the demands of a changing real estate market and avail ourselves of the latest industry information and tools to ensure excellent results.

Our seasoned Real Estate Agents are committed to providing all of our clients, from first time sellers to veteran real estate investors, quality and friendly service. We walk you through every step of the sale process offering the guidance, feedback, and expertise needed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Patrick Parker Realty is more than just a brokerage; we are your strategic marketing partner boasting a dedicated marketing department to effectively promote your house via modern channels that yield the quickest, most effective results. We do this by monitoring the latest technologies, using effective communication methods and leveraging our knowledge of all things real estate so our efforts are informed by activities that yield results.