Quick Bullet List When Choosing a Realtor
Let’s speak plainly… Use our brain!confused woman at computer cropped

  • YOU have the product.  When agents claim their company has “market share” it is not as relevant as you think. They are not making homes, they are selling them! They are not automobile companies. Naturally, companies with a gadzillion agents should sell more homes (including our listings), but it doesn’t mean they will sell yours!
  • Ask for a marketing plan in writing.  Our marketing plan is listed on our website and is offered in writing during any initial meeting. Forget the fluff (and free) “marketing ideas” like Broker Tours, Open Houses, Office Caravans and other nonsense like that. When companies want to charge you thousands, and I mean thousands, of dollars more in commission, ask where that money will be spent.
  • Do the math.  For any broker charging 3%, 4%, 5% or even 6%, multiply your home listing price by 1%, 2% or 3%. For that EXTRA money, determine exactly what you are receiving (weekly advertising, home warranty, etc). If they cannot tell you why you are paying thousands more, then your decision is simple – don’t list!
  • Pricing.  If an agent gives you an inflated price for your home, DEMAND a three month listing. If they are confident the property will sell at that price, then why on earth would they lock you up for 6 moths or even a year!  We cannot tell you the times we’ve have seen a homeowner list for a high price only to do multiple price reductions over the course of 6 months. They lower their price, but the broker never lowers their commission.  Just not fair.  We recommend you educate yourself on the importance of right pricing.

Bottom line, Patrick Parker Realty offers the most aggressive marketing program at a fair commission that is invested in selling your home as quickly as possible at the best obtainable price.  Contact us today for a free Comparative Market Analysis either online or by calling 732.455.5252.