yelppromoforwebTo “Like” Us is to Yelp Us
Promotion Information and Instructions

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, Patrick Parker Realty is holding a special promotion: To “Like” Us is to Yelp Us. The winner of this promotion will be awarded a $100 VISA gift card and will also get to chose the Sandy Relief Charity of their choice to which Patrick Parker Realty will donate $100 in the winner’s name.

Here’s how it works… Yelp a review about your experience with Patrick Parker Realty on the Patrick Parker Realty Yelp page, then visit the Patrick Parker Realty Facebook page and share that review with other Patrick Parker Realty fans.


Step 1: “Like” Patrick Parker Realty on Facebook
If you already are a Fan of Patrick Parker on Facebook you can skip this step. 

Step 2: Once you “Like” Us on Facebook roll your mouse over the “Liked” button.  A drop down menu will appear. “Show in News Feed” should already be checked.  Use your mouse and click “Get Notifications.” “Get Notifications” should now be checked, highlighted and bold.
This step applies to both NEW Fans and EXISTING Fans of Patrick Parker Realty on Facebook.


Step 3: Go to
If you already have a Yelp account skip to Step 4.

To sign up for a Yelp Account:

  • Click “Sign Up for Yelp” on the very top right corner of the screen
  • Follow the steps to create your Yelp Profile and Click Sign Up
  • You will be given the option to Add a Profile Picture by Importing it from Facebook, you can follow these instructions by clicking the “Import Facebook Photo” blue box  or click the “Skip this step” blue link on the right side of the screen toward the top (below the Search Box and “Member Search” link)
  • You will then be asked if you want to Find Yelp Friends.  This works similarly to other Social Networks.  Using various tools such as social network accounts or your email accout address books you have the option of finding friends on Yelp and connecting with them.  You can follow these instruction of click the  “Skip this section” blue link on the right side of the screen toward the top
  • You will be asked if you want to sync your Yelp Account with Facebook, you can do this at this time by clicking the blue “Connect to Facebook” box or click the  “Skip this section” blue link on the right side of the screen toward the top
  • If you’d like to invite specific friends to Yelp you have the option of adding their email addresses here or click the “Skip this section” blue link on the right side of the screen toward the top
  • Go to the email account you registered to confirm your Yelp Account.  Your Yelp Account will not be activated until you click this confirmation link.
  • Your Yelp account is now active.
    If you’d like to personalize your Yelp profile you will see your photo if you added one or an avatar if you did not on the right hand side of the screen.  You will see your first name, last initial and town.  Beneath that you will see “Edit your profile.”  Click this link to customize your profile.

 Step 4: It is time to write a Review on your experience with Patrick Parker Realty.  Note that your experience does not need to be linited to buying, selling or renting.  If you are reading this you may have received the Patrick Parker Realty eNewsletter.  If you are reading this you have navigated the Patrick Parker Realty website.  Perhaps you are a current or past colleague or partner of Patrick Parker or one of his Agents.  You’re review on Yelp can be on whatever topic you choose.


  • Before posting your review of Patrick Parker Realty you MUST review another business first.  Do you have a fave restaurant? Spa? Gym? Salon? Service Provider? (Home Repair? HVAC? Contractor? Mover?), etc.?
  • Enter THEIR name in the “Search for:” field and THEIR city, state in the “Near:” field.  Then click the Search Button.
  • This business and, perhaps, like businesses will appear.  Click the business you searched, click the Write a Review button, rate the business out of 5 stars, compose your review and click post.
    You will likely be asked additional questions below the review field like pricing or about images and whether they are helpful and describe the business.  Beneath all of these fields is the red post button.  Once you click it you will see green confirmation text appear at the top of the page that your review has been posted.
  • You may be prompted as to whether or not you want to share your review on Twitter.  You can skip this step by clicking “No Thanks”

 Step 5. Now it is time to review Patrick Parker Realty on Yelp

  • Search Patrick Parker Realty in Bradley Beach, NJ
  • Click on the Business Name: Patrick Parker Realty
  • Write your Review as you did above and click Post

Once you receive your green confirmation text at the top of the page you will be able to access a LINK TO YOUR REVIEW! 
Click this Link.


  • You will be taken to a new page where your review will appear at the very top.
    Highlight the URL in your browser window and copy.

  • Return to the Patrick Parker Realty Facebook Page
  • Leave a comment on our Facebook Page, tell us you’ve just reviewed us on Yelp and paste the URL you’ve just copied into your Facebook comment!

On March 31 we will pick a winner at random of all of the Yelp Reviews that have been posted to our Facebook page.  This winner will receive a $100 VISA gift card and will get to choose a Sandy Charity of their choice to which Patrick Parker Realty will donate an ADDITIONAL $100 in your name!